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Posted by bubthevapor - September 5th, 2015

5 days ago, I found a poor baby mouse in my basement. It was all alone, and it didn't even had it's eyes open yet so I decided to be it's mommy. I named her Gertrude and I cherished every second we spent together. I fed her kitten formula, kept her warm in a shoe box with 3 washclothes and some cotton, held her when she needed attention, watched tv in the basement, bathed her, and most importantly, loved her. She was doing fine until today, at 2:01, she passed away in her nap. I denied the fact that she was dead and for a long agonizing hour I tried, and failed, to revive her. I tried to give her kitten formula (she was a messy eater) and when that didn't work, I threw the bottle of formula in frustration. Next, I tried to give her a warm bath, hoping the warm water would wake her up... but it didn't work. I even tried CPR on my baby mouseling, but nothing worked. I cried so hard while attempting to bring back my cherished baby, I even screamed for her to be brought back to me. I kept stroking her soft, fuzzy, stiff body and screamed in agony. It could not be true, I did everything right, so why? Why? Why?!? Why did she leave me?! Those five days we spent together, the "waking up every three hours in the night" feeding, her milk-stained muzzle and how she licked my fingers for attention... really made me happy. Even though I'm not a morning person, I always got up to feed her at six in the morning. I didn't care if I got sick from her, or the fact that I had to help Gertrude go to the bathroom by rubbing her butt. I loved her little squeaks and slurping noises she made. She had a habit of licking her back foot, which I giggled at, and was always wanting to be held by me. My dad was okay with Gertrude living with us, but my mom was a little bothered by it. Gertrude eventually touched her heart, as it did mine, and dad's too. I never let Gertrude out of my sight since I promised that I would keep her safe forever... but nothing lasts forever now does it? We buried my baby mouse under my bedroom window in her shoe box, along with her first and second washclothes. My mom gave her flowers and a popsicle stick cross with Gertrude's name on it before we buried my sweet baby. I painted a rock for her grave stone and placed it at the top of the grave. My sweet, messy, cuddly, precious baby was finally laid to rest at 3:10 today. I will miss her dearly, and pray that if I find another mouse, it would be the reincarnation of my sweet little Gertrude. Rest in peace, my cherished baby and thank you for the happiness you have brought with you to this household.

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This made me tear up... ;u;

*hands u tissue* I know... it was hard losing her. Thanks for caring though

;_; my heart

*gives bandage* sorry bout that, thanks for caring though